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What to wear

While we may be biased, we believe Routt Photography offers high school seniors the very best senior photography in the entire Evansville area! Every portrait session is a unique experience that reflects a person's own personality. This page covers suggestions for getting the most out of your portrait session.

We love to hear any ideas you may have as far as clothing, your own props, photos with friends, family, or pets, and/or an unusual location of your choosing. Please bring along any props if your into sports and bring a uniform... don't forget to bring the ball and shoes. Our main goal is to portray you as a unique person, and hearing about your interests and likes helps us to accomplish that.

You may bring whatever outfits you want to wear. However, there are some clothes that photographs better than others. Patterns and/or words tend to be distracting. The brighter the patterns, the more distracting they will be. This isn't to say that patterns or words are ALWAYS a bad idea - if you really like the outfit please bring it in - but solids generally photograph better than bright patterns.

Keep in mind that lighter colors (especially white), tight fitting tops, and horizontal lines tend to accent weight (very loose fitting white will usually look fine). If you don't want your arms to be obvious, wear a long sleeve shirt instead of a short sleeve or a tank top. Darker colors (especially black), loose-fitting clothing, and vertical lines have a more slimming effect.

Fashions can be great, but it's a good idea to wear at least one outfit that will likely not be labeled as obviously trendy. The thing about fashion is that it goes out of fashion. You might be happy with your photos for a year, then be terribly embarrassed you actually wore such an outfit five years down the road.

If you have any more questions please give us a call 812-423-9999.

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